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How do we help solicitors?

Expert advice on data protection and SARs

When will you or your clients need to consult a data protection practitioner with substantial experience?

You’ll need to do that if you want to make a subject access request under GDPR, or if someone has submitted one to you or your client.

We provide that expert service to solicitors, barristers, and employment lawyers.

IOLIS assists in making SARs and in drawing up responses to them. We understand the importance of handling a SAR correctly, whether we’re submitting one for an individual or handling one on behalf of a business.

We can also deal with any complaint made to the ICO or raise a complaint if there is a need to do so.

Our wealth of experience in dealing with the ICO helps to ensure that the law is correctly applied, and the situation is handled correctly and fairly by the Commissioner’s office.

We understand that you need a safe pair of hands to help protect your clients’ interests.

You and your clients will benefit from our expertise and proven track record in data protection issues.
I am an employment and sports lawyer and I outsource all data protection work to Andrew. He is first class – a walking encyclopaedia on everything data protection / GDPR. He is also commercial with his advice and my clients have benefited greatly from it. I would not hesitate to recommend him. My only tip would be to get in there first before everyone finds out how good he is and he puts his rates up!
Tom Solesbury
Employment & Sports Lawyer, Solesbury Gay

Effective dispute resolution

Has your client been instructed to enter mediation by a judge? Or, would they like to avoid the expense of going to a court hearing?

Our mediation and arbitration services could be the answer for them. After all, mediation is a proven technique with a 75% success rate in commercial disputes alone. It’s an effective way of resolving disputes.
Offering to enter mediation will always help a client, reducing the risk of having to pay substantial costs even when the other party refuses.

IOLIS conducts mediation and arbitration over conference call or online video as well as in person, making it the ideal way to help people reach an agreement even when getting together in the same room is difficult.

Does your law firm need a mediator or specialist advice on data protection and GDPR? Tell us how we can help you.

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