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Disputes are time-consuming and stressful, and court action isn’t guaranteed to go your way. Mediation could save money and give both parties the solution they need

Remote and online mediation during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we are pleased to be able to continue to offer virtual online mediation services via video conference or remote mediation over the phone.

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How does mediation work?

Court litigation is expensive, slow, and pits the parties against one another.

It’s an unwelcome distraction from running your business, there is no guarantee you’ll get the outcome you want, and the costs could leave you feeling aggrieved even if you win the case.

Resolving disputes doesn’t have to be that stressful. There is another way.

Mediation is a tried and tested solution which works to help both parties find a mutually acceptable solution.

It’s not about winning. It’s about resolving that dispute in an equitable agreement.

What is online mediation?

Today’s technology means that mediation can be carried out in person or online.

Sessions take place over a video conference link or by telephone with an experienced, professional online mediator at the helm.

This is especially useful if parties don’t want to be in the same room, for example.

Agreements can be signed using certifiable electronic signatures, so the whole process can be carried out remotely.

The parties don’t have to leave their homes or offices, saving on time and travel expenses.

What is workplace mediation?

This mediation is specifically used to resolve disputes between employees or disputes between employees and their manager.

There could be allegations of workplace bullying or an employee could feel under-valued.

You don’t want to let this affect your staff’s morale and your business productivity.

Mediation is an effective tool to help parties understand one another and repair relationships.

Why you should mediate rather than litigate

Solicitors’ fees, court costs, other expenses…it all adds up when a business dispute goes to court.

Then, the court’s decision is binding, and you must abide by it even if the judgement suits neither party.

Mediation is different. Both parties have the power to work towards an agreement with which they are both happy.

Their negotiations are facilitated to give them the best chance of doing that.

Mediation is less stressful, quicker, and far less expensive than going to court.
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What should you expect at an IOLIS mediation?

Your experienced, qualified mediator will introduce themselves and explain the process. Take a look at our mediator’s experience and qualifications here
They will detail the duty of civility which is expected from all involved, and explain that everything said in mediation is completely confidential. It must not be divulged to anyone else.
Then, each party gets a chance to explain their side of the story. The mediator may ask questions to ensure that everything is understood. Parties take it in turns and do not interrupt one other.
The mediator may see the parties in private to seek further understanding.
The parties introduce themselves and explain why they are there.
Negotiations take place with the mediator facilitating a productive discussion wherever possible.
An agreement is usually reached. Then, the mediator will ensure an agreement is made in writing and the parties sign it.

What's the outcome?

Mediation agreements usually satisfy both parties, though there is generally some compromise.

When an agreement is reached and signed, it is binding and can be upheld in court.

Often, courts order parties to attempt mediation and even if agreement cannot be reached, the negotiations show both parties are trying to resolve the problem.

Mediation gives parties more control than the court process and a successful mediation allows both sides to draw a line under an issue.

Sometimes, this involves going their separate ways. On other occasions, they may continue to work together and put past disputes behind them.

In the case of a workplace mediation, the process can identify training needs for managers and staff, highlight work pressures and frustrations, and help staff to understand each other better.
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