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Redaction & Transcription

Getting it right when dealing with subject access request or freedom of information request redactions for documents and CCTV, and producing transcripts of audio

Responding with the right information

We can help your organisation respond to SAR and FOI requests safely and securely, making sure private information in documents and video stays private. Contact us on 029 2000 2339 or

Image & Video Redaction

CCTV Video Redaction

Video and image redaction takes time

If your organisation is using CCTV, you may get a subject access request for footage or images that you are holding. This will include any footage from body-worn cameras.

Like any other information, it is important that other people who may be visible in the footage are redacted. This is often done by pixelating their faces as shown in the example above.

If the camera is covering a busy space, this can be very time consuming and difficult to do, and it also requires some specialist skills and software.
We can help you redact any CCTV images or video footage that has been requested under a SAR, leaving you to get on with running your business without having to waste money on unnecessary equipment.

Document Redaction

Proper redaction keeps information secure

When responding to a subject access request (SAR), it is important to release only information that the requestor is entitled to see. It is particularly important to ensure that the personal information of other people in the information is not released unless it is appropriate to do so. The same is true when a freedom of information request is responded to - only information that everyone would be entitled to see should be disclosed.

It is vital that redactions are done correctly so that they cannot be undone - the original text cannot be recovered.


Only disclose what is required

In the example above, the SAR has been made by Edward Cooper, and the redacted version contains only information that is about him. This shows how much information can be redacted from a document. This may be an important consideration if your organisation is in a dispute with the person who has made the request.

Audio Transcription

Converting the spoken word into text

Why transcribe?

There are many reasons why you might need to convert audio into written text. As part of a subject access request, the person making the request is entitled to have information in a legible format. There may also be a need if the requestor has a specific disability and requires the audio to be transcribed in this way.

The same may apply for any audio that has been captured along with CCTV footage. You may need to supply a transcript of the audio or subtitle the video footage to comply with equality legislation. We can either supply the text in a separate file or we can subtitle the video, or even both.

A complete service

If you have audio that needs to be disclosed under a SAR or FOI, it makes sense to get us to transcribe it and then redact any information that should be withheld as part of our redaction service.

This way, we are able to assist you with all your redaction and transcription services in one go. This will save you time and worry.

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Does your UK business need our specialist redaction or transcription services? Tell us how we can help you.

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