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6 October 2021
Why you should use an independent person to conduct a workplace investigation
There exists in an employment contract an implied obligation to not act in a manner likely to destroy or seriously damage the relationship of confidence and trust without reasonable and proper cause. This relationship can become imperilled when an allegation has…
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26 January 2021
Why will every toy seller in the UK soon need to up their game about data protection?
These days, internet-connected toys are in huge demand. Children want internet-connected toys such as Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit which allows you to take the online game and recreate it in your own home, setting up circuits and controlling the players via the…
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9 November 2020
5 Things to Remember When Meeting Over Video
As industry and commerce gets used to the ‘new normal’, the use of video conferencing facilities and software is becoming widespread. It is a useful tool and has undeniably been a major factor in bringing teams back together in a virtual way during the pandemic lockdown.…
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25 October 2020
Will monitoring your home-working staff land your business in hot water?
Large scale working from home happened very quickly at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many organisations didn’t have time to fully explore the impact this could have on working practices. Some businesses and organisations had already embraced the benefits…
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25 October 2020
The 7 easy ways you can avoid data protection in your business becoming a Halloween horror show...
I was working as a DPO, late one night,When my eyes beheld an eerie sight.For a monster problem began to riseAnd suddenly, to my surprise,There was a breach, a data breach.How far’d it reach, that data breach?Where did it reach? Don’t be left singing your own version…
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20 October 2020
How could the right to be forgotten affect your amateur rugby or football club?
The General Data Protection Regulation was ground-breaking legislation in several ways. It brought data protection rules to filed paper documents, for example, and gave individuals a standard mechanism to request what data an organisation holds on them. Among…
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13 October 2020
What are the 4 common data protection mistakes which could cost your business dearly?
Every business has a duty of care for the personal data of its customers, suppliers, and staff. The law enshrines it in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018, and the PECR, and any data breach must be reported to the relevant authorities,…
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25 September 2020
Five Reasons you should not use WhatsApp in your business
As a business, it is very convenient to use WhatsApp to communicate with your staff and to allow staff teams to communicate with each other. But could this easy and flexible communication tool land you in hot water? In short, the answer is yes, let’s look at some of the…
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31 August 2020
What are the 5 things every employment solicitor needs to know about SARs?
Many employment law cases now begin with a Subject Access Request (SAR). The reason is that it’s a useful way for an employee or former employee to gain information for their case. Dealing with SARs is a specialised field of law for one excellent reason: it’s extremely…
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