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Disciplinary & Grievances

Sporting governing bodies, associations, and teams all need the right support to ensure they deal with disciplinary and grievance matters properly and fairly

It may be a minor matter with an club member, an issue with a staff member or coach, or an elite athlete that is in danger of having their career ended.

It can be very difficult to deal with these matters impartially, especially when the senior managers or directors will know the individuals well and may be conflicted. It is essential that things are dealt with fairly and without any bias.

IOLIS are able to offer a range of services to support organisations that are having to deal woth grievances and disciplinary actions. We can provide guidance and proper policies and procedures, we can conduct impartial and unbiased investigations for you - this is particularly important for dealing with staff. We can also arrange independent disciplinary panels to consider a case so that there can be no question of bias or undue influence.

We operate within the ACAS Code of Practice when it comes to dealing with employees so we can be reduce the risk of adverse employment tribunal action. 

We are also familiar with safeguarding issues and laws, so if your disciplinary or grievance involves a safeguarding issue, we are a safe pair of hands for you to protect all concerned.

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The right advice on SARs

Under GDPR, people have the right to request a copy of the data held about them by businesses and organisations, information about the legal basis for holding it, and other details such as with whom it has been shared.

SARs can be submitted by members, players, clients, and suppliers, and by employees and former employees. An SAR can sometimes be made during an employment dispute.

Knowing what to release can be difficult, though, as documents may mention other individuals or involve people who are under age. This is especially important for organisations with youth teams.

Ensuring you release the correct information to the right timescale is vital to avoid a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

IOLIS will help your sporting body or team draw up its response to an SAR, ensuring you comply with the rules effectively while managing your reputation.

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Managing your athletes’ performance data

Coaches and governing bodies use performance data to help athletes reach the pinnacle of their achievement.

When this data is collected and analysed, there are important legal considerations to take into account.

Gone are the days when all the data on a player or an athlete consisted of weight, BMI, food intake, and performance times written in a coach’s notebook.

Now, biomedical science is used for monitoring progress, for example in blood testing and heart rate variability tests, and there is GPS tracking of training runs, with results being put together to create a rich picture of an athlete.

All this monitoring, however, also throws up data which might infringe on an athlete’s privacy, such as GPS being able to locate them via fitness devices.

We help sports teams and governing bodies balance performance data collection and processing with the human rights and privacy rights of individual athletes. You can read more on that subject here.

Resolving disputes by arbitration

Sporting organisations can often find themselves embroiled in a dispute with either coaches or athletes. Sometimes decisions about sport are not to everyones liking. Clubs and NGBs can also end up at loggerheads over various issues.

They may also have regular business disputes with customers or suppliers.

Arbitration can be an effective method of resolving these disputes quickly, and they are far less costly than going through a court hearing.

We offer online, remote, and in-person arbitration services to sporting organisations.

Find out more about our service here

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